Bloggy Bloggy - A Kiss and a Rose
So, I'm going to use this place to talk more about stuff. I have decided.

Ah the blog, last refuse of the damned soul. A bit cynical of this I may be (okay, very cynical), but I guess I've surrendered to yet another social movement. Such is life, I suppose.

So, what's going on with me? Well, socially, I seem to have been out with friends drinking every other week. My liver probably doesn't like me very much at the moment, but it can lump it. Revision has begun for all my subjects (so many tests). Quite frankly I need the relaxing and letting-go every now and again. I'm getting better at the whole 'people' thing too, I only seem to offend people every twenty or so words now, instead of every two. I mean, I can still feel the 'old me' (read: the bastard of bastards) scratching at the back of my mind at times, but most of the time I can suppress it and be happy.

Musically, well...I've been listening to a lot of music which I should be ashamed of. Should be, but I'm not. What can I say, Savage Garden and Enrique Iglesias are awesome and I don't care that overblown concepts of masculinity and how a male should behave say otherwise. I'm more than a lil' tempted to go to college in a dress just to get across my "fuck that shit" attitude towards such things. Giving all the females in a five mile radius nosebleeds would only sweeten the deal...

Okay, my cross-dressing tendencies aside...literature. For a long time my favourite book/graphic novel/manga series ever has been the manga series "Hellsing" by Kouta Hirano. This has changed. From now on, I can say my favourite series if "Fruits Basket" by Natsuki Takaya.

My favourite stand-alone book/graphic novel/manga is "The Crow" by James O'Barr, in case you were wondering. Take out the graphic novels and manga and you're left with a lot of H.P Lovecraft novellas.

Uhm, what else can I say that's been going on? Yesterday I attended my first Japanese lesson. It was fun, though I really hope nobody ever brings a video camera (songs and dances of sorts became involved at several points).

That's it really, I don't live the most exciting of lives. It's a life none-the-less though.
Prologue Begins
Realising in my update schedule I'd have about three updates between yesterday and news years day, I figured "what the hell" and made a nice little three page prologue.

Enjoy it, if you find the site that is xD
It should work on IE6 and maybe 5 now.
IE6 has a huge Ghost text bug, but I managed to bite it in the arse on the site now...I think...I think. I'm fairly sure the site is as W3C valid as smackjeeves will allow now too, always nice. Well, okay I may need to add another meta tag but other than that.

Go me? Yes. Go me.